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Waiting for the Delta



As best as I can tell, there's a big gap in 1st District and Delta vote reporting so far. Sen. Blanche Lincoln best hope so. With her lead now drifting down to 44-42, she's nearing the extreme danger zone for an incumbent. It's clear, whatever the margin, there will be a runoff.

Also: It's anecdotal, but an abundance of Republican testimony indicates that Republican redneck rage produced a number of anti-Lincoln votes. They think, clearly, that she's easier to beat. Will they be motivated to return for the runoff.

But a close margin and a runoff makes the night a victory for Bill Halter. That will be the national spin, you can be sure.

On the REPUBLICAN SIDE: John Boozman seems heading to a first-round victory. And Jim Holt!! a distant second. Gilbert Baker, in third, should have run for 2nd District Congress. That planned run for governor in 2010? Not looking so hot now.

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