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Primary election 2010 UPDATE



I'll start here. For now I'll hazard a guess on the night's nailbiter: 1) Does John Boozman hit 50 percent in the race for the GOP senatorial nomination?; 2) Does Jim Holt or Gilbert Baker finish second?

UPDATE: Pulaski County was as good as its word. Early vote is in.

Senate: Blanche Lincoln well over 50 percent in Democratic primary. Same for John Boozman on Republican side. UPDATE: Roby Brock shows Lincoln ahead, but at 49 percent, on big Sebastian County early vote; Boozman with 83 percent. If Boozman repeats that in NWA, there'll be no runoff.

2nd District: Joyce Elliott strong -- 5,800 votes to 2,200 for Robbie Wills, next closest competitor, out of about 11,000 cast. Outlying counties won't run this way, of course. Tim Griffin leads Scott Wallace by 600 votes out of 4,400 cast on Republican side. The outlying counties could be vital.

Court races: Henry over Fogleman. Fox ahead of Baker, but not enough to avoid a runoff. Wendell Griffen leading race for circuit judgeship.

Down the ticket: Linda Chesterfield is running ahead of Jay Barth in that suddenly ugly state Senate race. John W. Walker leading, but not enough to avoid a runoff, in race for State House.

Going to be an interesting night.

PREDICTION: Runoffs, lots of them. At least one early rural county gave 18 percent of its early vote to D.C. Morrison in the Senate primary. Strange number. Three weeks from now, they'll have to decide.

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