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Linda Pondexter Chesterfield plays both the gay and race cards against Democratic Senate opponent Jay Barth of Little Rock in a last-minute ad playing on urban radio stations.  ... Hot Spring County voters report being given ballots with wrong JP district ... did Sen. Blanche Lincoln and husband's request for absentee ballot (in event of possible absence) meet the letter of the law about unavoidable absence from polls being a requirement? ... The Pulaski County Election Commission says it will have early voting totals, broken down by precinct, on the web not long after 7:45 p.m. That will be a big "tell" on a lot of races. I've been disappointed by them before, however. They are also promising more updates as they're received, a break from past frustration.

... At 4 p.m., Fox 16 reports, Bill Halter, Sen. Lincoln, Joyce Elliott and Patrick Kennedy were all out trolling for votes at what you might call the mother church of Arkansas liberalism -- the Pulaski Heights Presbyterian polling place. Devoted voters with a near perfect voting record. (Not the same as a winning voting record.)

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