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I'm wrapping things up, but a couple of notes from Pulaski County, where about 70 percent of the vote has been counted.

Blanche Lincoln, looking weak statewide, thrashed Halter in the state's biggest county and his home county -- 52-39. Those good ol' GOP boys apparently stormed to vote in rural Arkansas, not Little Rock.

The black vote was stronger than I expected and they voted for people of color. Jay Barth was beaten by Linda Pondexter for state Senate. Sen. Tracy Steele easily ousted Richard Carroll in a House contest.

It would appear civil rights legend John W. Walker will be in a runoff with Terri Hollingsworth, the daughter of his former law partner, for a House seat.

On the Republican side, David Sanders and Jeremy Hutchinson were leading races for House and Senate, respectively, but Saline County votes weren't counted.

Larry Crane seems en route to being elected county clerk to succeed Pat O'Brien, who seemed on his way to a no-runoff victory in the Democratic primary race for secretary of state. Speaking of statewide offices, Monty Davenport led the Pulaski ballot, and statewide, for land commissioner, but will have a runoff with L.J. Bryant.


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