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Senate race in spotlight



The Halter-Lincoln race is top of the NY Times' digital front-page this morning. Familiar themes. Did the cheer reported for D.C. Morrison during an appearance of candidates in Magnolia portend votes for him -- and an increased likelihood of a runoff?

I hope not.

End it, don't extend it. Check your horoscope. Flip a coin. Whatever. But vote for Halter or Lincoln.

PS -- Another Times blogger again characterizes the Halter challenge as a left-wing challenge. That's fair insofar as financial support from labor unions go, I suppose. But there are plenty of people opposing Lincoln who are not leftists. Support for government health programs -- which you find in the majority of Arkansas Democratic primary voters -- is more old-fashioned populism than leftish elitism.

But even liberal writers are eager to advance the left-wing insurgency theme, in Arkansas and Pennsylvania.

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