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Midday robbery in Heights UPDATE



The LRPD says a white male gunman wearing a grey hoodie, about 5-feet-8, 130 pounds, robbed Smith's Country Club Drug Store on Kavanaugh in the Heights about 12:15 p.m. today. Lt. Terry Hastings said he was awaiting a report from the robbery squad on whether both money and drugs were taken.

UPDATE: Good citizens and quick police work led to two arrests. The police report says the robber wanted Oxycontin. He was told the store had none, but was given an assortment of outdated and other pills and he fled. A witness (Hospitality Association executive Montine McNulty) noted the license number of a suspected getaway car. Another witness eating in Cheers also gave a description of the robber as he ran from the store. Police arrested two men at a Biscayne Drive home where the car was found  -- John David Vancura, 33, the suspected driver, and Andrew Jones, 22, of Conway, the suspected robber. Pills and a gun were found in a search of the home.

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