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Davenport's pitch for land commissioner


State Rep. Monty Davenport, running for land commissioner, has an answer for a young (23) opponent, L.J. Bryant, who has been saying he'll take the office farther technologically. Davenport said he'll improve office efficiency and accessibility, too, but take care to spend wisely "on well-established" equipment and practices. He has some idea, too, of the difficulties of winning appropriations from the legislature for the constitutional offices.


Dear Friends,

Tomorrow is Election Day and I need your support in my bid for Land Commissioner. 

There is no substitute for experience!! I have nearly 40 years of real estate, business and farming experience under my belt.

We need proven leadership!!  I have served 3 terms as a State Legislator and have worked closely with the Governor and our local county officials.

I am committed to making the office work for the people of Arkansas!!  I will incorporate proven technology that will make the office more efficient and accessible to our citizens and I will make sure that all services, practices and equipment are well-established before investing Arkansas taxpayer money. 

"Monty has been a strong advocate for the people of Arkansas.  Having worked closely with him in the State Legislature, I know that Monty's wealth of life and business experience is an asset to our State Government.  We need his experience working for us as our next Land Commissioner" --Attorney General Dustin McDaniel

"Davenport has the maturity, the intelligence and the experience that Arkansans should want in a Land Commissioner" -- Morning News of Northwest Arkansas on their endorsement for Monty D.

My endorsements include:

Arkansas Education Association
Arkansas AFL-CIO
United Transportation Union

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