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The silly season



From the Blanche Lincoln for Senate Twitter account:

Multi-millionaire Bill Halter buys $2500 Oriental rug with taxpayer money.

This references a D-G story this morning about a rug purchase for the lieutenant governor's office. I guess there are no taxpayer-financed rugs, leather chairs, fancy credenzas or artwork in multi-millionaire Blanche Lincoln's multiple taxpayer-financed offices. Halter also doesn't have a confederate in Congress (as Lincoln had in Sen. Steve Faris) to thoughtfully highlight the purchases at an election-sensitive time.

How sleazy is Lincoln? She's linked a Little Rock rug store purchase -- emphasis on "Oriental" rug --to the false charge that Halter has outsourced jobs to India.

End it. Don't extend it.

BUT: The final debate is at 11:30 a.m. this morning at the Statehouse Convention Center. Blake's Think Tank says CNN and MSNBC will be picking up a live feed.


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