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Senate race switcheroo



John Brummett, who'd earlier indicated to a pollster he'd be voting for Blanche Lincoln, went the other direction when it become screen-touching time.

Discerning readers probably sensed what was happening over the last few weeks. I have related repeatedly — ad nauseum, some say — my festering disenchantment with Lincoln’s cynically dishonest campaign.

In the end I simply could not reward her campaign with a vote.

John is not alone in this precise quandary. But it's a good time to mention something voters should not do: Cast a protest vote for the crank candidate, D.C. Morrison. He's neither benign nor lovable. Anybody who calls people with concern about climate change participants in a hoax isn't worthy of serious consideration. He's in this race to make mischief to aid Republicans (for whom he says he plans to vote). If his support forces a runoff, it'll be three more expensive weeks of bloodletting that will only further damage whichever Democratic nominee survives.

Hold your nose and vote for either Halter or Lincoln. End it, don't extend it.

AND FURTHERMORE: Brummett blogs further on the topic and links a Politico article piling on Lincoln.

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