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Re the 2nd District Congressional debate tonight:

Despite what I wrote previously, no one under 21 will be admitted.

Sticky Fingerz is permitted as a smoking establishment, which prevents admission or employment of those under 21. We had established with the proprietors a no-smoking policy for the day, which we thought would be sufficient to bypass the age rule.

State regulators, having received a question about the issue, thought otherwise. They concede no one has raised the question before. The law is silent, our contact agreed, on whether licensed smoking establishments that go non-smoking are required to have a  "cooling off" period  before they can allow under-21 people inside. But he said the staff didn't believe the intent of the law was to allow for alternating smoking policies

We don't want to create  problems for Sticky Fingerz. So the 21 rule applies tonight. We still hope there'll be no smoking.

I apologize for the confusion. I'll also be sorry if the complaint about the effort to provide a healthy environment for the night contributes to an unhealthy one. (It already has barred some of voting age from attending.)

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