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Early voting begins



The secretary of state provided a 4 p.m. total for early voting so far in about two-thirds of the counties. Sounds light to me.

Below are the latest early and absentee vote totals from our statewide voter database.  Please note that 28 counties have yet to report their early vote totals to the state, so these totals do not fully reflect the early voting activity that occurred today.
Early votes cast statewide today as of 4:00 pm: 5,415 (This number will increase as additional voting credits are posted by the counties.)
Total early votes cast statewide as of 4:00 pm: 5,415
Total returned absentee ballots statewide as of 4:00 pm:  2,400
Total absentee and early votes cast statewide as of 4:00 pm: 7,815

Here's the by-county breakdown.

UPDATE: 976 voted early in Pulaski County today. That sounds light to me, but I have no comparables.

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