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Another senatorial election factor



Newspapers in Fort Smith and Springdale have endorsed Sen. Blanche Lincoln, she's proudly been announcing, Twittering, Facebooking, etc.

Of course they did.

They are controlled by Warren Stephens, his empire historically one of Lincoln's biggest campaign financial supporters -- after Wal-Mart and that Texarkana Texas law firm (Nix Patterson and Roach) that she apparently hopes to show some appreciation with a federal judgeship nomination for a Texas magistrate judge with suspected Republican leanings. Walton and Stephens warmth stems, of course, from Lincoln's herculean work to end the estate tax (for the small family farmers, don't you know?) See this report on the issue for details of the campaign of the super wealthy to enlist Lincoln and others in Congress, spending millions to save billions.

Wonder, should she win, where the Morning News, Times-Record will fall should Lincoln match up with John Boozman, supported on the GOP side by the Stephens-controlled editorial pages?

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