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Lincoln condemns ad



Those racist anti-Halter ads from the Chamber of Commerce front group?

Blanche Lincoln condemns them. Easy to say while she passively benefits. Perhaps she could delve into the source of the money and vigorously get behind campaign legislation to require such disclosure. Her statement:

"I condemn the television ad reportedly scheduled to air in Arkansas sponsored by a group called Americans for Job Security," U.S. Sen. Blanche Lincoln, D-Ark., said. "It is offensive and doesn't belong in Arkansas. As a victim myself of constant negative attack ads by outside third party groups since early March, I deeply regret that their participation in this campaign isn't more constructive."

Halter, too, condemns the ads and reminds of the slime group's roots. His campaign said:

An extremist group called Americans for Job Security has purchased $780,925 of TV air time in the Little Rock, Fort Smith and Jonesboro markets from May 3-May 14, presumably to lie about Lieutenant Governor Bill Halter.  The Halter campaign has repeatedly proven false the allegations raised anew by an ad scheduled to begin airing Monday.  The link below provides some insight into AJC, labeled a "sham front group" by Public Citizen.  This ad should never be aired.

PS -- Don't forget this sleazy ad only gives a racially offensive face to a racially offensive message that Lincoln had already delivered in her own paid advertising, the false claim about a company in which Halter has an interest sending American jobs to India.

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