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Buckaroo hits D.C.



NEAR SMACKOVER: An Arkansas History Commission photo of oil exploration of yore near Buckaroo stomping grounds.

This one's for my Smackover friends, from Colbert King's column in today's Washington Post:

This is the first of several occasional looks at candidates in key 2010 D.C. contests.

Can a former point guard with the Battlin' Buckaroos down in Smackover, Ark. (claim to fame: the only center-of-the-road traffic light in Arkansas), come to the nation's capital and topple a veteran D.C. Council member who prides himself on being a picker of nits?

Let's explore this question together.

Clark Ray, former class president and star athlete of Smackover High School, has emerged from the deep piney woods of south Arkansas to challenge at-large council member Phil Mendelson (D) in the September Democratic primary.

Actually, many things have occurred in Ray's life since his departure from Smackover, an oil boomtown in the 1920s, where, according to the city's chamber of commerce, petroleum is "still being produced in tidy amounts."

But the road from Smackover to the District:

Ray came east after collecting a degree in education at the University of Arkansas; he earned a master's degree in sports management at Temple University in Philadelphia. Ray then signed on as sports information director at American University, where he worked from 1989 to 1991.

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