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Oldie but goodie for Lincoln


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New Lincoln ad spooks the oldsters on what Bill Halter, a former top Social Security Administration official, would do to their Social Security benefits.

Here's a fuller clip of the debate exchange on what the ad is based. Are spending reductions, which Halter mentioned, benefit reductions? In a sense, certainly. But if they take the form of reduced COLAs in future years, for example, as opposed to a decline in currently promised benefits, I think there's some meaningful difference.

Tit for tat: Halter radio nails Lincoln's double-speak on Goldman Sachs.

UPDATE: Halter says Lincoln has voted to raise Social Security taxes and reduce benefits and is otherwise a liar about him. But he doesn't directly deal with his plain words about raising revenue and reducing expenditures as a means of balancing Social Security books.



North Little Rock – Sen. Blanche Lincoln, who has voted to increase taxes on Social Security, and voted to cut Social Security benefits, continues her negative campaign by mounting another misleading attack about Lt. Governor Bill Halter's fight against privatization and his work to protect Social Security. 

"I will not vote to cut Social Security benefits or to tax them," said Lt. Governor Halter. "My father is on Social Security and I will always keep my promise to him and to Arkansas seniors. President Clinton entrusted me to lead the Social Security Administration and I have tirelessly fought privatization attempts and Social Security benefit cuts."

Lincoln's ad parallels an ad by the discredited group Arkansans for Common Sense called "false" and "dishonest" by the media. The Alliance for Retired Americans and Jim Roosevelt, the grandson of Social Security Founder Franklin Roosevelt, have called those ads a lie. The Alliance for Retired Americans has endorsed Lt. Governor Halter over Sen. Lincoln.

"It is a typical Washington style attack – every false claim she is making about Bill Halter is something that Senator Lincoln has actually done herself," said Halter campaign manager Carol Butler.  "In Washington, she voted to tax Social Security and voted for the Stenholm Amendment, which would have subjected Social Security to massive cuts. Sen Lincoln was one of just 37 House members who voted for the Stenholm amendment to cut benefits. This kind of behavior - trying to cover up her own record by telling lies about Bill Halter - is just one more reason that we need a change in Washington."  



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