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I look forward to results of a robopollster in the field last night on the Democratic Senate primary.

The poll sought people planning to vote in the Democratic primary. It asked for favorable ratings for the candidates. It asked how the respondent intended to vote. If "undecided," the respondent was prompted to think again and indicate a choice if forced to vote. "Undecided" remained an option.

I'm still undecided. I don't think I'm alone. Maybe there's something to the theory of Jason Tolbert and Roby Brock that D.C. Morrison really will get 10 percent of the primary vote -- not because his strange views have any appeal but as a measure of disgust with the other candidates, Bill Halter and incumbent Sen. Blanche Lincoln. A good liberal Democrat told me the other night he planned to cast just such a protest vote. I may owe Jason a free lunch for betting him that Morrison won't hit 5 percent.

I implore all those thinking of a D.C. Morrison protest vote to rethink the strategy. If he gets enough votes, there might be a runoff, which only postpones the inevitable for three more tiresome weeks.

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