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Halter won



Brummett explains why Bill Halter handily won Saturday's debate with Sen. Blanche Lincoln.

It's interesting how little attention, relatively, is being given at this point to the eight-man scramble for the Republican nomination. The utter predictability of their chorus is one reason, of course. (Yes, I know, Gilbert. I've heard about Bailout Boozman.)

PS -- Gilbert Baker, it should be noted, is busy building up Bill Halter as a straw man. Halter will win and he'll beat Boozman so the Repubs need to turn to Baker's semi-fresh face, Baker indicates to Politico.

I'll say this about that. As of this morning, subject to change by the afternoon, I think the wise guys are wrong. I think Blanche Lincoln will squeak out a winner in the Democratic primary, particularly if she'll act a bit more like a Democrat. I also think that she, not Halter, would be the strongest candidate against John Boozman in the fall. It is every Republican's fondest dream that the ramblin' gamblin' Halter gets the nomination so he can be painted as a wild-eyed, union card-carrying California liberal dropping into Arkansas as a matter of ambition-driven convenience.


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