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The great debate, Part II




Lincoln v. Halter before APME today and the head-to-head matchup (D.C. Morrison dropped out) was a great deal more exciting. TO CLARIFY: Morrison dropped out of Saturday's debate, not the race.

 Jason Tolbert has a comprehensive group of clips on his website. I noted with interest Lincoln's dodge of a question about racial diversity in judicial appointments. She'd have you believe there was a black in the original slate of nominees for four vacant judgeships. There wasn't. A black was added after a white nominee died. But that nominee, Carlton Jones, withdrew his name because he was being jerked around by being steered to a U.S. attorney's position. Lincoln seems determined to put a Texas Republican in the slot on the bench in South Arkansas, influenced many believe by a heavy push from a Texarkana law firm that has contributed heavily to her campaign. All that said, Lincoln's influence WAS critical in the naming of Brian Miller of Helena-West Helena to a judgeship during the Bush era and she rightly took some credt.

The Halter campaign has announced he's accepted an offer to debate Lincoln May 9 on Meet the Press. I've inquired if the Lincoln camp will accept.

The spin: Multiple commenters say Lincoln seemed more defensive today; a clear loser in the eyes of some, including John Brummett. A Politico Twitterstream here.

Here's a news account. Several have noted Halter's haymaker when she defended her acceptance of Goldman Sachs and other financial contributions as no different than taking money from agriculture lobbies interested in legislation specific to their businesses. "Soybean growers didn't wreck our economy," Halter jabbed.

Lincoln has gone all union-bashing all the time and her debate attack was continued in her campaign's post-debate spin. I'd say that's of limited value in this Democratic primary. She also refuses to back off her negative advertising. The performance today mirrors the suggestion of those ads -- she's a candidate in trouble.

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