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Max mentioned earlier the negative tenor struck by both the Halter and Lincoln campaigns for the U.S. Senate seat. Chris Cillizza looks at the race in today's Washington Post. He looks at a recently released Daily Kos poll and finds that, despite mud-slinging by both sides, Lincoln is holding up well.

A recent Research 2000 survey sponsored by the liberal Daily Kos blog (its founder, Markos Moulitsas, is a Halter supporter), showed Lincoln leading Halter by 45 percent to 33 percent, a margin virtually unchanged from a poll done for the blog three weeks earlier. The survey also showed that Lincoln has held up under the negative attacks -- 65 percent of Democrats view her favorably, while 31 percent see her in an unfavorable light. Halter, too, remains quite popular among his own party, with a 69 percent favorable rating and just an 11 percent unfavorable score.

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