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From afar, as I run through a pile of vacation e-mail, I continue to be struck by the tone of incumbent Sen. Blanche Lincoln's campaign communications. While challenger Bill Halter continues to emphasize his work on the lottery in mail today, Lincoln's slashing -- sneering, even -- attacks continue. Tough politicking is fair game. I still think the tone of Steve Patterson's missives give the Lincoln campaign a voice out of tune with Lincoln's own, even where valid points are made on issues. I'm not sure that's a good thing. Take a look:


The Champion for Arkansas vs. the Show Pony
As I look back at the events that have unfolded over the past week, I can’t help but feel a tremendous sense of pride that our state has a true champion fighting for us in the U.S. Senate.
Sen. Lincoln spent the past week fighting—and delivering—results for Arkansas:
·         Holding Wall Street Accountable. As Chairman of the Senate Agriculture Committee, she introduced the “Wall Street Transparency and Accountability Act,” widely hailed as the toughest on Wall Street banks of any legislative or Administration proposal thus far.  A local propane dealer in Harrison says Sen. Lincoln’s reform bill will stabilize fuel prices.  Learn more about how Sen. Lincoln is working to change the way Wall Street does business by clicking here.
·         Fighting for Veterans. Sen. Lincoln has a strong record fighting for our service members, veterans, and their families.  This week, she introduced the “Veterans Training Act” to allow veterans to use their educational benefits toward certificate or apprenticeship programs not already included in the 21st Century GI Bill.
·         Fighting for First-Generation College Students. Sen. Lincoln has led the fight in the U.S. Senate for more federal resources for TRIO programs, which served more than 23,000 first-generation Arkansas college students last year.  This week she sent a letter urging Senate appropriators to make a significant increase in the program's funding levels.
·         Fairness for Taxpayers and Airline Passengers. Sen. Lincoln unveiled her “Taxpayer Bill of Rights” to help facilitate faster tax refunds for Arkansas taxpayers, protect them against identify theft and simplify tax laws. And as a cosponsor of the BAG Fees Act, she is fighting to close a tax loophole being used by one airline to charge passengers $45 per carry-on bag. 
·         Benefits for Jobless Arkansans. Sen. Lincoln voted to extend benefits to jobless Arkansans, and she continues to push legislation that includes a long-term extension. 
While Sen. Lincoln was fighting for Arkansas in the U.S. Senate this week, Bill Halter spent his time distorting Sen. Lincoln’s record and making false claims.  He also continued his pattern of refusing to tell Arkansans how he would vote on legislation, while criticizing Sen. Lincoln’s record.  Even a good Monday Morning Quarterback will say what call he would have made if put in the same position.
Halter dodged reporters' questions four times when asked how he would have voted on the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).  I'm sure his union sponsors weren't too happy about Bill's first response on NAFTA but at least now we know that he would have voted against one of President Clinton's top priorities. 
Now that Sen. Lincoln has introduced her Wall Street Transparency and Accountability Act, will Bill support it, or will he continue to distort her record while refusing to take a stand? 
Week after week, Sen. Lincoln has proven she’s the Champion for Arkansas who delivers results. What has Bill Halter done for Arkansans, except refuse to tell them where he stands? 
Steve Patterson,
Lincoln Campaign Manager

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