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Lincoln and her money



Despite her representations to the contrary, Sen. Blanche Lincoln just can't quit the tainted handouts of Wall Street pirateers Goldman Sachs. The Halter campaign reports:





Her Campaign Website:

"Sen. Lincoln Stops Accepting Contributions from TARP-assisted Financial Firms as of Jan. 1, 2009"

Her Official Senate Website:

"Sen. Lincoln accuses TARP recipient Goldman Sachs of risky Wall Street behavior"

From Her Contribution Records:

Sen. Lincoln Gets $4,500 in Contributions from TARP recipient Goldman Sachs since Jan. 1, 2009

North Little Rock – On Friday, the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) accused investment house Goldman Sachs of massive fraud.  Sen. Blanche Lincoln posted a statement about the SEC charges on her Senate website, saying: "This is another example of how risky Wall Street behavior puts our nation’s financial system in peril and further illustrates the need for the strong reform that my legislation provides."  Her response was quoted extensively by national media.

Goldman Sachs Political Action Committee (PAC) has long been among Sen. Lincoln's top campaign contributors.  However, on April 12, the Friends of Blanche Lincoln campaign website posted the following statement:

"Sen. Lincoln Does Not Accept Contributions From Organizations Receiving Money Under TARP…

Effective January 1,2009, Sen. Lincoln’s campaign ceased accepting contributions from executives, employees or Political Action Committees associated with TARP-assisted financial institutions headquartered outside the state of Arkansas."

But records available at show otherwise.  Friends of Blanche Lincoln reported $4,500 in contributions from TARP recipient Goldman Sachs' PAC since that self-imposed January 2009 cutoff.   She has taken a total of $15,000 from the investment bank's PAC in the current election cycle.  Goldman Sachs got $10 billion in bailout money. And according to the non-partisan Center for Responsive Politics, Blanche Lincoln has accepted more than $1.1 million from the securities and investments industry and commercial banks, many of whom took bailout money.

You can see the 2009 Goldman Sachs donations here:

And her totals from Goldman Sachs here:

12/10/09                      $1,500.00

12/10/09                      $  500.00

11/5/09                        $2,500.00

Total:                           $4,500.00

11/12/08                      $1,000.00

9/19/07                        $1,000.00

Total:                           $6,500.00


9/30/04                        $1,000.00

3/24/04                        $2,500.00

5/22/04                        $1,000.00

3/5/04                          $1,000.00

2/7/03                          $1,000.00

Total:                           $6,500.00

6/13/02                        $1,000.00

4/16/01                        $1,000.00

Total:                           $2,000.00

GRAND TOTAL: $15,000.00

Source: FEC Cycle Data as summarized by Congressional Quarterly’s Moneyline Database

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