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Guess who's not coming to dinner



We've mentioned here, a couple of times, the dust-up over some comments former Gov. Mike Huckabee made to college journalists about homosexuality - comparing it to drug use, incest and polygamy. Now comes an interesting wrinkle.  Food Network hosts, Steve McDonagh and Dan Smith, who have been in a relationship for 13 years, have invited Huckabee over to their house for dinner and to meet their adopted son, Nate.

Mr. Huckabee,

You may know me from Food Network. My partner, Dan Smith, and I are The Hearty Boys. We’re Chicago caterers, restaurateurs, cookbook authors and most importantly, dads. Dan and I have been in a stable, monogamous, loving, positive, nurturing and healthy relationship for 13 years. We were blessed to adopt our son, Nate, at his birth 4 1/2 years ago.

Sir, your comments likening my parenting my son to adopting a pet are beyond hurtful and dangerous. My love, passion and commitment to Nate is not one iota different than what you have for John Mark, David and Sarah. Our son is loved and cared for just as much. He feels just as loved and cared for. He is a happy, well adjusted little guy whom I fiercely love.

I wonder if he'll accept.

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