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Something you should know about that poll UPDATE



Talk Business' Roby Brock says his new poll shows the Lincoln-Halter race is "far from over." Well, no, there are a few weeks to go. But how do the results of his poll tell him that?

The phone call poll didn't ask a) if respondents were registered voters, b) if they were Republican or Democrat, even c) if they lived in Arkansas. It just asked, hey, who do you like better, Halter, Lincoln, Morrison or I dunno, and how sure are you of that answer?

Some folks aren't calling that a poll. They call it "bullshit."

UPDATE: Jeez, since everyone is jumping down my throat, I called up pollster Ernie Oakleaf to ask shouldn't phone pollsters first verify if they're talking to a registered voter in Arkansas. He said yes. He always does. He said it was a "weakness" in robo calls that there is no verification of the responder.

"Bullshit" was perhaps too strong a word. I take it all back. But ... doesn't anyone see a problem with it?



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