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Let Oklahoma go



The blogs are alive with astonished commentary on an Oklahoma state senator's suggestion that perhaps his state should form a volunteer militia to protect Oklahoma from federal infringements on its sovereignty. From the Atlantic Wire:

If you thought that outrage against the federal government hit a peak with the raid on the Hutaree militia and the post health-care spate of vandalism, think again: the anti-government militia may be going mainstream. The AP reports that Tea Party leaders and some conservative members of the Oklahoma legislature, frustrated by "recent political setbacks," have stated that they would like to create a "new volunteer militia" to defend against "improper federal infringements on state sovereignty." In contrast to the Hutaree militia, the Oklahoma militia would be an organized and disciplined arm of the Oklahoma state government, authorized by the Oklahoma legislature.

So here's a thought. Texas politicians want to secede from the union. Let Oklahoma go with it. Build a bypass.



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