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ACORN lives on



Contrary to reports (and my own understanding of those reports), even the national ACORN organization says it will continue to fight on "to counter the vicious antifamily, antiminority, anti-immigrant attacks of the Republican right."

I wrote this week that Arkansas was among the places were former ACORN employers had begun new free-standing operations. The very right of this sort of organization exists continues to rankle Republicans.

“Acorn is attempting to rebrand itself without instituting real reforms or removing senior leadership figures that need to be held accountable for wrongdoing,” Representative Darrell Issa said. “These newly renamed organizations are like career criminals who adopt aliases without changing their criminal lifestyles.”

In the larger scheme of things, ACORN is, at best, a slight irritant on the body politic. You wish the Darrell Issas of the world would devote a tenth the attention he devotes to this to greedy Wall Street bankers, the pirateers of the companies that have made billions in U.S. expeditions in the Middle East, etc.

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