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Kooks to Beebe: get out


CNN is reporting that Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe is one of thirty American governors who have received letters from a group who warns them to resign within three days or be removed, in accordance with the group's "Restore America Plan." The Department of Homeland Security and the FBI are investigating, and said that the letters don't contain a threat of violence.

As our phones haven't lit up with calls about Beebe heading for the airport carrying a suitcase and wearing a fake mustache, we assume he's sticking, letter bedamned. We've got a call in to the gov's spokesman Matt Decample, however, just to make sure.

UPDATE: Matt Decample called with a few more details on the communique received by Governor Beebe, which he characterized as a "sizable, thick envelope" containing something of a manifesto, partially handwritten and partially typed. He said the Governor's office received the letter Tuesday, and turned it over then to the State Police, who are coordinating with the FBI.

"It's standard proceedure on our end as far as when we get a letter that's questionable," Decample said.

He wouldn't speak specifically about the content of the letter, but said "the general tone of it was calling on the Governor to resign and then if he was willing to sign on to their articles of law or something to that effect, they would then reinstate him as governor." 

Decample promised to call on his way out of town if Beebe decides to make a break for it.

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