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Parks and wreck



Former Republican state legislator Marvin Parks is giving it Jim Holt. In a series of tweets, Parks lays out five reasons why Holt is not a good candidate for U.S. Senate. It's pretty funny.

#1 - He can't raise money but likes to whine and blame it on how the Republican party abandoned him

#2 = He lost 2 Lincoln in 2004 56 to 44 - that's called a "good ole country whippin" where I come from - Holt somehow says it was a victory!

#3 - He lost to Halter for Lt. Gov in 2006 - at the peak of his political strength - Making him the republican nominee is tweet

#3 continued... making Holt the nominee is like asking the league's losing football team to tell us how to build a championship team!

#4 - SCR 12 - the goofy attack on Gilbert Baker - He's either really inept at what he's doing - reason #4 OR...

#5 - SCR12 - if not inept - then dishonest and misleading - not something we need in a Senator - OK.... I'm done - I've vented

Ah, politics. Don't you just love it?

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