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Healthier school lunches



Sen. Blanche Lincoln gets a plug in the New York Times today for legislation providing a modest increase in federal money for school lunches and imposing new rules on nutritional value of school offerings.

One of the biggest changes involves food sold in places other than the cafeteria, like vending machines, sporting events and hallway fund-raisers. The law would give the Agriculture Department power to set limits on nutrients like sodium and fat in all food sold on campus, and it would set limits on the number of bake sales and other food-based fund-raisers.

“We want to make sure there’s consistency,” Senator Lincoln said. “This is not only about providing nutritional food for our children but teaching them good life skills and what the right choices are.”

Nanny state food police? I don't think the teabaggers will like this. But, in all seriousness, how did they do it in my long-ago school lunch days for 25 cents a plate? We had whole apples frequently (most thrown in the trash). We had salad and the occasional green beans, cole slaw, etc. The cooks actually cooked, they didn't reheat. (Yeast rolls, mmmm.) I've written before about the Lake Charles High School shrimp creole (yes, shrimp). There were no vending machines on campus. Every six weeks, Cokes were served to honor roll students by the National Honor Society. An hour of PE was required daily. Enough. I'm dating myself.

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