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Lincoln up in lights



Not sure this matters much to Arkansas voters -- though you'd think the facts on which the report is based might matter -- but Talking Points Memo currently leads its webpage with an unflattering report on Sen. Blanche Lincoln's "clumsy campaign."

Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D-AR) was never going to have an easy time winning re-election in 2010. As a conservative Democrat facing reelection in a state that went for John McCain by an overwhelming 59-39 margin, she has had to do a delicate dance to distance herself from the national party led by a Democratic President whose unfavorable ratings there hover around 60 percent. And it doesn't help her cause that the conservative base has been re-energized by their antipathy to her party.

But instead of dancing with a ballerina's deft footwork, Lincoln has often struggled with two left feet. As time has gone on--and as her prospects for reelection have diminished--Lincoln has stumbled repeatedly.

Details follow.

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