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Goobernatorial debate



Early reports indicate Gov. Mike Beebe and his Republican opponent Jim Keet did little to distinguish themselves in appearances today before the Arkansas Farm Bureau.

Beebe continued his tired and unsupported complaint that an influx of billions in new health spending in poor Arkansas could somehow be damaging to the state when the new state costs (a mere 10 percent of the federal outlay) kick in TEN YEARS FROM NOW.

Keet said Beebe didn't demagogue enough against the terrible plan to extend health coverage to 32 million more people. He said this bill will drive business out of Arkansas. To where, Jim? Timbuktu? Last I heard, the legislation covered all 50 states, not just Arkansas, which will be a much bigger gainer in benefits than nearly all the other states on account of its poverty.

Leadership, circa 2010.

Here's a further report on other topics they covered.


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