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Terror in Little Rock



The Commercial Appeal in Memphis had a feature this weekend, with family photos, on the father of the man accused of killing one soldier and shooting another at a Little Rock military center.

Bledsoe wants to understand how his son turned from middle-class Memphis roots to become a self-described member of al-Qaida who waged what he has described as a "jihadi attack on infidel forces."

"I want to know how, who and why this happened to my son," Bledsoe said. "And I say to you, if it happened to my son today, tomorrow it can be your son. This is something the American people need to wake up to. Tomorrow they could be looking for someone with blond hair and blue eyes."

The suspect's father has questions for the FBI, which had been tracking his son after he went to Yemen. The father of the victim has questions, too, about the military's view of the shooting.

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