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Blanche Lincoln's attacks on Bill Halter continue. Running scared is the only way to run, they always say. Her mouthpiece says in a news release on the jump that Halter won't come clean on issues her campaign has raised. All the more reason for her to expeditiously agree to meet Halter in debate so that she may ask the questions in person.

UPDATE: Halter campaign calls B.S. on Lincoln ad and her tout of "saving" jobs at Cooper Tire. There, workers and the state of Arkansas got held up in a high-priced bidding war to save jobs.


Little Rock - Bill Halter continues his "Ducking the Issues" campaign by denying knowledge of fraudulent marketing and job outsourcing practices committed by companies he directed and by hiding behind Washington, D.C. labor unions, U.S. Senator Blanche Lincoln's campaign said today.

"Bill wants to tout his business experience as a Director of several high tech and pharmaceutical companies," Lincoln campaign manager Steve Patterson said.  "However, he denies knowledge of those companies' fraudulent marketing and job outsourcing practices, from which he clearly profited.  Is that what he told stockholders?

"Bill Halter and Senator Lincoln clearly have a difference of opinion on outsourcing.  Bill Halter directed a company that bragged about saving money by outsourcing jobs to India.  Those could have been American jobs.  At the same time, Senator Lincoln was voting in the U.S. Senate to get rid of tax breaks for companies that send jobs overseas and she has fought to save Arkansas jobs by punishing foreign competitors that dump their products in American markets.  That's a pretty clear difference on jobs."

"Bill says he wants to have an open discussion about the issues but he refuses to show what he has told Washington, D.C. unions in order to obtain their support by revealing his answers to the AFL-CIO questionnaire, as Sen. Lincoln has done.  Instead, he hides behind their attacks against Senator Lincoln.  Bill doesn't even have an issues page on his Web site explaining to voters where he stands.

"It's time for Bill to stop ducking the issues and come clean with Arkansans."
Questions for Bill Halter:

1. When will Bill Halter admit accountability for his role in directing companies that defrauded investors and outsourced American jobs to India while he made millions of dollars, which he used to pay for his Lieutenant Governor campaign?

2. How long will Bill hide behind his D.C. union sponsors' attacks on Sen. Lincoln before he comes clean with Arkansas voters?  When will he make his AFL-CIO questionnaire available to the public?  Even after the AFL-CIO endorsed Bill Halter, Sen. Lincoln completed their candidate questionnaire as a courtesy to their members and has made it available on her campaign Web site.

3. Bill Halter is a candidate for the United States Senate.  Why doesn't he have an issues page on his Web site so Arkansas voters know where he stands?
Corporate millionaire Bill Halter helped direct two drug companies that did shady drug deals.  Get the facts here:

Corporate millionaire Bill Halter profited from outsourcing American jobs to India, while Blanche Lincoln was voting in the U.S. Senate to get rid of tax breaks for companies that send jobs overseas. Get the Facts here:


Blanche Lincoln’s newest ad attacking Bill Halter distorts the Lt. Governor’s record of fighting for jobs and misleads viewers about Senator Lincoln’s involvement in what happened at Cooper Tire. The Lincoln campaign clearly hopes this ad will distract from Sen. Lincoln’s own record of voting to send jobs overseas – more than 200,000 from Arkansas. Workers at Cooper Tire strongly rejected Lincoln’s claim that she had protected their jobs.

“Sen. Lincoln’s claims that she helped to save our jobs fall flat to Local 752L members.  We saved those jobs only because our members were willing to sacrifice millions of dollars in wages, pension, and benefits that we had spent decades negotiating for our members.  The local union members saved these jobs, not Senator Lincoln,” said Tommy Engledowl, Vice President, USW Local 752L.

“We would never have been in this position if Senator Lincoln had not voted time and again to send jobs overseas.  Her votes for NAFTA and other free trade agreements cost Arkansas jobs.  It is time for her to be held accountable and quit misleading voters with these television ads,” added David Boone, President, USW Local Union 752L.

"Time and again, Senator Lincoln has shown how much Washington is broken by choosing special interests over Arkansans," said Halter, “now she is bringing Washington ways to Arkansas. These attacks are false and its telling that Senator Lincoln has chosen this path,” said Lt. Governor Bill Halter.

“There was no outsourcing of jobs. In addition to its work in the United States WebMethods opened offices in Bangalore, like many other companies who employee US workers, WebMethods is a global company with offices and customers in other countries. The two articles cited in Senator Lincoln’s ad prove her statement false. Both the Washington Post article and the Washington Business Article note the opening of a development center in India in 2004, but make no mention of sending American jobs overseas, because no American jobs were lost. Additionally, the SEC Records Senator Lincoln’s ad cites do not indicate anything about “sending jobs to India,” said Halter Campaign Manager Carol Butler.

“Unfortunately Senator Lincoln has chosen the typical Washington approach of false, negative advertising to distract from her record which has resulted in Arkansas losing over 200,000 jobs,” continued Butler. “Arkansas has lost jobs because of several of Sen. Lincoln’s votes including her vote for NAFTA, CAFTA, her votes to cut China special trade deals and her vote to give tax breaks to companies who do ship jobs overseas,” continued Butler.

“Senator Lincoln is also not telling the full story when she claims to have voted for health care. Just yesterday she voted against the Bill that would have closed a gap in prescription-drug coverage under Medicare, the health insurance program for seniors, implementing an immediate $250 rebate for nearly 90,000 Arkansas seniors currently stuck in the Medicare Part D “donut hole.”  The bill would raise the value of federal subsidies to help low- and moderate-income Arkansas families purchase insurance. The bill also strips out a number of special deals, including the so-called “Cornhusker Kickback” that shortchanges Arkansas,” continued Butler.

“It is not surprising that Lincoln would put her special interest friends over Arkansas families, given that she has taken millions in campaign contributions from those who benefit from her votes.” Butler finished, “In typical Washington fashion, Senator Lincoln has taken millions from those who benefit from her votes, while hoping it’s not noticed back home. , , , , , , , , ”

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