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It's a 5 o'clock world



Did everybody in LR knock off early today?

I guess I will, too. But, since a couple have asked, some further info on the recent disappearance of Norma Bates:

Well, it seems one or two bloggers are questioning my absence, despite my assuring them (over on “Damsel in Distress”) that you wished me well on my “Split Ends” tour when you said to “break a leg.”
(I really HAVE begun a time-consuming online venture and realized that the sooner I posted my “farewell” to my Razorbabies, the better. Especially since it was already set up in my previous post over there.)

If you care to bother responding to them at all, you might want (or not) to use something along the lines of :
Norma was in touch with me when negotiations began for her Down Under tour, so I was prepared and she tried to prepare you bloggers long before Jesse Ventura hit town. She assured me she wasn’t departing in anger, but in excitement over the roar of the greasepaint and the smell of the crowd. Her “Damsel in Distress” blog was self-named because, as she explained, “I’ve pretty much been in a perpetual state of PMS since I reached the age of 13 a few years ago and am ALWAYS pissed off. In a loving way, of course. So that’s nothing new. Besides: prevents wrinkles and keeps the girls perky.”

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