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Senate has approved the reconciliation bill, 56-43. It goes back to the House. Sen. Lincoln and Pryor both voted no.

The short version of Pryor's statement on his vote is that Arkansas, unlike any other state, lost $480 million Medicaid funding over a span of years under the House changes to the Senate bill. "That's tough to take when all the other states got additional money," said his spokesman Michael Teague. "So, he was against it." immediately ripped Lincoln in the following prepared statement:

“Today Senator Lincoln voted against provisions that would close the "donut hole" to help seniors on Medicare afford their prescriptions, help middle-class families afford insurance and extend financial aid to Arkansas students. It's appalling that Sen. Lincoln is trying to persuade voters that she's a big supporter of health care reform while literally at the same moment she's voting against making health care more affordable for seniors and the middle class. Why is she trying to mislead voters about her vote today? Maybe it's because of the $866,000 that she's taken from insurance and HMO interests. This vote shows, once again, that she is one of the very worst corporate Democrats in Congress. Blanche Lincoln is too busy taking big corporate checks to do what's right for her constituents. That’s why 92 percent of Arkansas MoveOn members voted to support Bill Halter over Blanche Lincoln in a primary election. Arkansans want someone who'll fight for them, not Big Insurance.”

Larry Burton, a Little Rock resident and MoveOn member, had this to say about Senator Lincoln’s vote:

“Blanche Lincoln has showed that she doesn’t care about standing up for what is best for Arkansans. How can she be claiming to be excited about passing health care reform, while at the same time, voting against important fixes that would directly benefit some of the people struggling the most? We are fed up with Blanche Lincoln, and deserve someone who will do what’s best for us, and not the corporations who are funding her campaign.”

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