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Yes, No, Maybe



Thanks for the tip to this, Silverback.

I also appreciated the front page on the free Metro newspaper distributed today in major cities around the U.S.

Joe Biden was right on this one.

And take note of Ezra Klein in the Washington Post: Republicans, at least some of them, are starting to walk back from repeal talk. Even Tea Party poster boy Scott Brown says such talk is "premature."

Arkansas being Arkansas, I suspect Republican candidates will be the last to get the word. They'll be angrily echoing Boner Boehner all the way to November. Except, who'd have thunk it? Kim Hendren alone among the Senate candidates hedged his bets, joining the cutting edge of Republican sanity with remarks about some of the good things in the legislation.

BY THE WAY: The BHD of the day is Iowa Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley, once a death paneler, now taking credit for wonderful things in this wonderful legislation.

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