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The Repub rap sheet



FBI investigates gas line cut.

Threats to Ohio congressman.

Ten threats on House members.

Republican senators quit work.

Time wasted on silly amendments. (Each time one is voted down, the national Republican campaign apparatus distributes a cookie cutter news release saying Blanche Lincoln/fill in name has voted to give rapists Viagra, against Medicare, etc. I think even the average out-of-touch voter will get this cynical ploy.)

Death threats to Betsy Markey.

Nooses being sent to James Clyburn and Bart Stupak.

Gingrich promises to refuse to fund health care.

Vandals attack Demo offices.

You'd call it the Republican Romper Room for its childishness, except some of these bozos are dangerous. Modern day Brown Shirts is more like it in some cases. Or, to suit the times, domestic terrorism.

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