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Turnabout fair play



The Lincoln campaign has been planting fairly abstruse news articles about activities of software companies in which Bill Halter has been involved. Fair game. Just as her connections to the apartheid South African regime as a lobbyist years ago was fair game.

Now cames the Halter camp with some more current linkages:

* Such as: Lincoln's obeisance to the money changers who want to suck the blood out of student borrowers. This is her reason to oppose the critical reconciliation elements of the health care compromise, soon to be as popular as Social Security.

* And even closer to home, the head of the Arkansas NAACP, Dale Charles, takes issue with the national organization's favorable rating of Senator Lincoln. He gives her a C-, not an A.

Charles pointed out that throughout the months of legislative wrangling, Lincoln was far from an enthusiastic supporter of the health care reform bill. She was one of the last Democrats to fall in line to vote for the Senate version of the bill. As the campaign season has heated up, Lincoln has proudly spoken about her efforts to block the public insurance option from being a part of the Senate bill, even incorporating that message into her first television ad.

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