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The tide turns



New Gallup poll shows, 49-40, people think passing health bill was "good thing" vs. "bad for country."

There's more good news for Democrats worried about their election chances after passing the bill found in the poll. Most respondents said they had positive feelings about the bill's passage, and 48% -- which USA Today reports is the "largest single group" in the poll -- called the bill "a good first step" and should actually be followed by more reform efforts.

Keep at it Repubs. Keep trying to jerk newly won rights to insurance from people who couldn't get it, who saw children die because of pre-existing conditions, rescission, limits on annual and lifetime coverage, etc. Odds seem good, particularly since yet another poll shows Repubs are bat**** crazy.

And, while I know the market is far too volatile to take much comfort from day-to-day, it hasn't exactly tanked just yet.

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