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I'm put in mind of the chorus of the oldie "Land of a Thousand Dances."  The Party of No has but one step -- massive resistance.

Add Cecile Bledsoe, state legislator and would-be 3rd District congresswomen, to the list of those who hate democracy and hate the idea of giving health insurance to working sick people, more drug coverage to old folks and insurance protection for sick children.

Her step today -- leading a conga line of 26 other Repub legislators to ask Attorney General Dustin McDaniel for an official opinion on the constitutionality of the recently passed federal health legislation. His job generally falls in the state realm and's he's already generally stated prevailing political opinion -- the bill will withstand challenge and arguments to the contrary are just politics.

The Party of No dies hard.

Here's the opinion request. A spokesman for McDaniel says the office generally offers opinion on matters of state law, as I indicated earlier, but will review the request to see if there points on which it would be appropriate to opine.


Rogers--State Senator Cecile Bledsoe, Candidate for Congress in the Third District, today announced that she is joining other State Legislators in sending a letter to Attorney General Dustin McDaniel requesting his official opinion regarding the constitutionality of the recent Health Care Bill passed by Congress.

"The Obama-Pelosi takeover is a budget-buster and a job killer. It will impose unfunded federal mandates on the State of Arkansas, raise taxes, place new regulations on families and businesses, and increase government spending to unprecedented levels during a time of record deficits. Asking for this Attorney General’s opinion is the first step in finding out what we can do as a state to avoid the negative consequences of this Health Care Bill," Bledsoe said, "As I have said, I will make repealing this terrible piece of legislation a priority as your next Congressman."

Twenty-six other State Legislators joined Bledsoe on the request. Bledsoe noted that 36 other states have taken action or are contemplating various measures to re-assert their 10th Amendment rights. The constitutionality of the law will rest upon whether the “Commerce Clause” is applicable or whether the Federal Government is prohibited from imposing its will on individual citizens when forcing them to purchase insurance or face fines and penalties.

In addition, South Carolina, Nebraska, Texas, Utah, Pennsylvania, Washington, North Dakota, South Dakota, Alabama and Florida have all indicated that they will challenge in court the constitutionality of the Healthcare Reform Bill.

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