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Sex charge at church school



Channel 11 has more on the charge that the principal of the church-sponsored Abundant Life high school sexually assaulted a student.

What's particularly interesting, though, is a vibrant string of commentary, purportedly from parents and others connected to the school, some of whom say the situation has been simmering for a long time. Some stunning comments. Writes 'mimidoll":

If she was 18 or older she was old enough to know better than to be alone with him and put herself in a compromising situation. ....

And then there was nikki1985:

I kno Tim personally and although i find it wrong that he cheated on his wife this is not a case of child abuse. this girl was over 18 as stated in all the news reports. this should not b a police matter more like a personal matter between him n his wife. Happily, there are many who think more clearly, including some who understand that Arkansas law makes it a crime for a (public school K-12) educator to have sex with a student regardless of age (up to 21). The statute also makes it a crime for someone in position of authority or an employee in a minor's school to have sex with someone under 18. And, I should add, crime or no crime no self-respecting school wants to employ someone who has sex with his or her students.

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