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It's done?



NBC says Stupak will vote yes.

Does this mean Marion Berry might do right?

BUT WAIT: CNN says Stupak isn't declared yet.

UPDATE: At 3:40 p.m., I know for certain it's over in the House. How do I know, in addition to Stupak's news conference and the White House announcement of an executive order to placate abortion foes? The Republican Party has begun issuing news releases -- trumpeted by Drudge -- that the reconciliation bill that will go to the Senate has technical flaws. And Republican leadership is already promising to extend the debate until Armageddon with hundreds of amendments. Ugliness lies ahead, if this little vignette from an interview with Barney Frank is any indication:

Speaking with TPMDC's Brian Beutler shortly after I chatted with him, Frank recounted a story of an anti-reform protester in the House viewing gallery who had to be led off by security after the protester became disruptive.

Frank said that as the protester was being led away, Republican members on the floor began cheering him on loudly. Frank said the scene was a shock.

"I've never seen members of the house cheering on a guy resisting being kicked out of the chamber," he said. "It's a dangerous situation and The republicans are cheering him on."

PS: We'll miss calm Vic Snyder. Here's a memo he distributed illustrating why the abortion fight was never needed anyway. It was a straw man.

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