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When will they ever learn?



Term-limited state Rep. Otis Davis of Earle is doing all he can to help elect Fred Smith to succeed him in District 54. That includes this endorsement letter (on state legislative letterhead stationery) mailed in a state legislative envelope (address obscured) containing a Fred Smith campaign card. It's actually worse than an endorsement. It's a solicitation for campaign contributions and Davis describes himself as Smith's "campaign advisor." The letter went to lobbyists, naturally.

The recipient of this letter says the envelope seems clearly to be legislative stationery, but the letter was typed on letterhead and then copied.

I'd ask Davis about the source of the postage for this mailing. But I'm still waiting for callbacks from Davis on recent competing claims from the Halter and Lincoln camps that Davis supports one or the other of the two Democratic candidates for Senate. Maybe they'd both like to DISclaim him now.

FYI: It's well-established, if apparently not well understood, that you may not use state materials for electioneering.

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