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School hearing ends



Chris Heller, the Little Rock School District's attorney, should have been a wire service reporter. I like his economy of words in reporting to the School Board on conclusion of the federal court hearing on whether the Pulaski County School District has met desegregation standards and can be released from court supervision:

the pcssd unitary status hearing ended today, except that the record has been left open for evidentiary depositions of mildred tatum and tim clark. the post trial briefing in the nlrsd and pcssd cases will take months. i do not expect to file a brief for lrsd but will let you know if a party raises an issue to which we need to respond. neither pcssd nor nlrsd did everything they were supposed to do when they were supposed to do it, but the law requires only substantial compliance in good faith with their respective desegregation plans. i could not predict how either case will turn out. ch

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