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Cashing in on the lottery



The Times reported some months ago about Ed Dozier, a local ad man, who obtained a trademark on "Arkansas Lottery" and similar phrases many years ago, most likely to be in a position to profit had voters approved a state lottery along with a 1994 casino gambling amendment.

He's run some radio and retail promotional deals with the name and continues to do so, including selling a T-shirt that reads: "Arkansas Lottery: My new 401K retirement plan."

Now Dozier has filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against the up-and-running Arkansas Scholarship Lottery (the suit names the Lottery Commission and its director). It's not using his precise trademarked names, but Dozier fears, his attorney Skip Davidson said, that it might try to shut him down. So Dozier is seeking a declaratory judgment that he owns the names. He got a threatening letter from the attorney general's office on his use of his trademarked names, but when Davidson objected, the a.g. referred Davidson to the Lottery Commission. So far, it hasn't said anything one way or the other about whether it wants to move against Dozier. It typically refers to itself as the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery.

Davidson acknowledged that the Lottery Commission sits on a fairly sizeable pile of cash. He adds, "The names are for sale."

Here are the details.

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