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Where is John Boozman?



U.S. Rep. John Boozman, running an incumbent-style campaign for U.S. Senate, claimed he couldn't make the Republican debate yesterday because he was busy fighting health care. Baloney, particularly since he could mail in his "no" vote and carries zero influence on any representative still undecided on the question.

The record shows what he really did in Washington yesterday: He helped name a post office and pass resolutions in support of the Red Cross, Falun Gong and Vancouver.

That's some really heavy lifting. The Democrats take notice of the MIA corporatist:


LITTLE ROCK-  Last night, while the other seven candidates for the GOP Senate nomination traded jabs at a debate  at the University of Arkansas-Little Rock Law School, John Boozman claimed he was in Washington, D.C. to fight against the health care bill.  A closer look shows otherwise.
According to the House Clerk, four votes were called yesterday, none of them related to health care.  Boozman voted in favor of each of them.
  H.R. 4628 - To designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 216 Westwood Avenue in Westwood, New Jersey, as the "Sergeant Christopher R. Hrbek Post Office Building" (Rep. Garrett - Oversight and Government Reform)
H.Res. 311 - Expressing the support of the House of Representatives for the goals and ideals of Red Cross Month (Rep. Watson - Foreign Affairs)
H.Res. 605 - Recognizing the continued persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in China on the 10th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party campaign to suppress the Falun Gong spiritual movement and calling for an immediate end to the campaign to persecute, intimidate, imprison, and torture Falun Gong practitioners (Rep. Ros-Lehtinen - Foreign Affairs)
H.Res. 1128 - Thanking Vancouver for hosting the world during the 2010 Winter Olympics and honoring the athletes from Team USA (Rep. Davis (CA) - Foreign Affairs)
“After looking at the votes John Boozman cast yesterday, it is very clear he was not fighting anything when he voted for each of these resolutions,” said Gabe Holmstrom, Senior Advisor to the Democratic Party of Arkansas.  “Why was Mr. Boozman’s campaign saying one thing in Arkansas while he was doing something else in Washington?”
Last night marked the third time John Boozman has failed to join the rest of his fellow candidates in an open debate forum.  What is he hiding? What is he afraid of?

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