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Health bill gains ground



Previously reluctant Democrats are signing on the health bill, including Dennis Kucinich and Rep. Dale Kildee, who once studied to be a priest. Kildee said:

“I have stood up to many in my party to defend the right to life and have made no apologies for doing so,” he continued. “I now find myself disagreeing with some of the people and groups I have spent a lifetime working with. I have listened carefully to both sides, sought counsel from my priest, advice from family, friends and constituents and I have read the Senate abortion language more than a dozen times. I am convinced that the Senate language maintains the Hyde Amendment, which states that no federal money can be used for abortion.”

Mr. Kildee added that there were important reasons to support the measure. “We must not lose sight of what is at stake here — the lives of 31 million American children, adults, and seniors-who don’t have health insurance,” he said. “There is nothing more pro-life than protecting the lives of 31 million Americans.”

I've asked lame duck Rep. Marion "Good Riddance" Berry's office if he remains a firm "no" vote. He has cited a general, but not specific, uneasiness about the abortion language. And to hell with 31 million Americans if it means supporting President Obama. You can take the boy out of the Delta .... UPDATE: No change so far. He still wants a change in the abortion provision.

Virginia's wacky new right-wing attorney general has already said he'll take a break from gay bashing to sue if this bill passes. Grounds? He'll invent some.

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