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Keet goes national UPDATE


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Republican gubernatorial candidate Jim Keet won't wait to start the fall campaign until after the primary election. He's going to challenge Gov. Mike Beebe at an afternoon news conference today to declare on national health legislation. Beebe is already on record with reservations about the cost to the state.

I think Keet will have a hard time localizing this national issue, particularly since the polling remains pretty well split on the question even in light of the high-dollar and relentless special interest and Republican campaign against it.

UPDATE: Oh, now I see. Keet has gone all Faubusian and joined the Tea Party. He'd have Arkansas join the patently unconstitutional movement to interpose Arkansas against any national health care law. In short, he'd rather Arkansas people die of lack of health care than be made to pay a tax if they failed to obtain health insurance.

Also, Beebe deftly parries.


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