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Liar, liar



The Lincoln-Halter match has turned into a donnybrook.

In response to the Lincoln campaign bashing of Halter for independent union-backed expenditures, the Halter campaign has pretty well called Lincoln a liar and hypocrite. Advantage on this issue? Halter.


Statement from Halter Campaign spokesperson, Bud Jackson:
“Blanche Lincoln is once again not being truthful with Arkansans.  Lieutenant Governor Bill Halter nor his campaign had any knowledge of this ad and, in fact, it would have been illegal for our campaign to have had knowledge.
Lincoln has also once again falsely asserted that a union has retired the lieutenant governor’s previous campaign debt.  Public records reflect that this assertion is a lie and that a debt remains.
Since Blanche Lincoln feels so strongly that the working men and women of Arkansas should not be allowed to contribute to the political process, we hereby challenge her to return the more than $500,000 in contributions she has taken from unions for over a decade.  It is quite telling that she only complains about union money when she is no longer receiving it along with the support of the working men and women they represent.
Blanche Lincoln’s actions reflect the hypocrisy Arkansans continue to see from people who go to Washington and put the needs of special interests ahead of the people. 
Blanche Lincoln’s blatantly false assertions are obviously a shameful attempt to draw attention away from her record of taking millions of dollars from Wall Street and big banks, voting to give them taxpayer-funded bailouts, while turning a cold shoulder to the working men and women back home.”
 FACT: Since 2000, Blanche Lincoln has taken more than $580,000 in labor money.  A chart of PAC money is below.   (National Center for Responsive Politics)
AFL-CIO$1,000 2008
AFL-CIO$5,000 2004
AFL-CIO Bldg/Construction Trades Dept$2,500 2008
AFL-CIO Bldg/Construction Trades Dept$3,000 2004
AFL-CIO Transportation Trades Dept$1,000 2004
AFSCME$2,000 2010
AFSCME$1,000 2008
AFSCME$9,000 2004
AFSCME$1,000 2002
Air Lines Pilots Assn$10,000 2004
Amalgamated Transit Union$7,500 2004
American Federation of Govt Employees$4,000 2004
American Federation of Musicians$5,000 2004
American Federation of Teachers$9,000 2004
American Federation of Teachers$1,000 2002
American Maritime Officers$4,000 2004
American Maritime Officers$1,000 2000
American Maritime Officers Retirees Assn$1,000 2004
American Postal Workers Union$10,000 2004
Assn of Flight Attendants$1,000 2004
Assn of Professional Flight Attendants$500 2004
Boilermakers Union$10,000 2004
Bricklayers Union$7,000 2004
Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers$1,000 2010
Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers$2,000 2004
Brotherhood of Railroad Signalmen$2,000 2004
CWA$3,500 2010
CWA$5,000 2008
CWA$3,500 2004
CWA$1,000 2002
Directors Guild of America$10,000 2008
Directors Guild of America$14,000 2002
Directors Guild of America$1,000 2000
Hotel/Restaurant Employees Intl Union$2,500 2002
Hotel/Restaurant Employees Intl Union$2,000 2000
IAFF$5,000 2004
IBEW$6,000 2010
IBEW$7,500 2004
Int'l Alliance Theatrical Stage Employees$2,000 2004
Int'l Alliance Theatrical Stage Employees$1,500 2002
Int'l Assn of Fire Fighters$2,500 2010
Int'l Longshoremens Assn$1,500 2004
Ironworkers Union$5,000 2004
Ironworkers Union$4,000 2002
Ironworkers Union$1,000 2000
Laborers Union$10,000 2004
Marine Engineer Beneficial Assn/Dist 1$1,000 2004
Marine Engineer Beneficial Assn/Dist 4$1,500 2004
Masters, Mates & Pilots Union$3,000 2004
Nat'l Air Traffic Controller's Assoc.$1,000 2010
Nat'l Air Traffic Controller's Assoc.$1,000 2008

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