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Racial profiling in Pulaski County



UALR Chancellor Joel Anderson has vowed that the urban university will have a role in seeking solutions to problems in race relations. Part of that effort is a yearly survey on racial attitudes.

This year's survey, the seventh, returns to crime and safety. Some highlights of this year's findings, which seem generally to reflect an improving trend:

* Blacks are more likely than whites to believe that racial profiling is widespread, though the survey group finds it somewhat less likely in traffic stops than they did five years ago.

* Most say they are not afraid in their homes and neighborhoods or worried about being crime victims, though blacks are more likely to see crime as a serious neighborhood problem.

* More than 2 in 10 respondents had been a theft victim.

* More than 6 in 10 respondents have a burglar alarm, dog and/or a gun for security.

* More than 3 in 10 have bought a gun for protection.

* Blacks and whites trust cops more than courts.

* A majority said civil rights have improved in Pulaski County and 9 in 10 think race relations are good. Compared with Year One, fewer blacks say they have experienced discrimination in education or getting a job.

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