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Mike Ross: Hall of shame



Congressional Republicans are making U.S. Rep. Mike Ross a poster child for defeat of health reform, citing his opposition in this story about Obama's last push for the bill. Thanks, Mike.

Ross yesterday even proudly distributed an op-ed he'd contributed to Roll Call. You'd think it was a sermon for health reform as he recites the litany of ills of our system, from the pernicious insurance companies to the desperate poor people with no place to turn. But no. Ross never really specifies what's wrong with the watered-down option remaining on the table. Ross even writes, unbelievably:

One thing in this debate is clear: The status quo is simply not acceptable, nor is it sustainable.

He, of course, will vote for the status quo. His main argument against action is that his voters are confused. Will he set them straight? He is too cowardly to do that, too involved in his own self-preservation to save a few lives.

Read Ernest Dumas' column this week on how poor Arkansas -- in the person of Ross, Marion Berry and Blanche Lincoln -- may be the key to defeat of improving the lot of millions of Americans. It will be a dark day for the state whose former leaders brought old-age insurance and Medicare to U.S. citizens.


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